Office of Rehabilitation (OVR) Tips and Hints

 The Office of Rehabilitation (OVR) provides vocational rehabilitations services to help persons with disabilities prepare for, obtain or maintain employment.
 Prior to receiving work-related services through the Office of Mental Health/Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (MH/IDD), an individual would first be referred to OVR.
 OVR is an eligibility program. The eligibility is based on the individual having a substantial disability that affects their ability to get or keep a job.

The individual must also be able to benefit from OVR services to become competitively employed in a community integrated setting (min of 20 hours a week).
 OVR offers a wide range of services. Services will be arranged to meet individual need. They include, but are not limited to:

  •  Diagnostic Services
  •  Vocational Evaluation
  •  Counseling
  •  Training
  •  Restoration Services
  •  Placement Assistance
  •  Assistive Technology
  •  Support Services


 OVR services are time-limited. A case is typically closed 90 days after the individual gains employment. If you have a waiver there is NOT a 90-time limit.

 If ongoing supports are needed, funding may be available through Mental Health or Intellectual Developmental Disability Services.

 In some counties, OVR and Mental Health/Intellectual Developmental Disabilities use many of the same job support providers.

Contact your Supports Coordinator to discuss need.

  •  It is best to apply 1-2 years BEFORE high school graduation.
  •  It is possible to have a representative from OVR attend an IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting.
  •   In some cases, OVR will pay for a portion of continuing education such as college or technical school.