Back to School! What do we need to know?

Aug 8, 2023

Getting your kids ready to start the new school year? We don’t know what we don’t know.

Beth-Ann McConnell, a mom, a school social worker, and a lover of resources, will talk to us about how to prepare ourselves and our children for their coming school year with consideration for their future.

This webinar is for all caregivers, including families, guardians, foster parents, other people raising children, and those who support children of all ages from pre-school to high school graduation, including our educators. She will also address some of the specific needs of the many different cultures in our Commonwealth.

You will walk away with resources to help you address your children's educational, health, and emotional needs. The resources provided will be helpful to people in all areas of Pennsylvania.



Beth-Ann McConnell, School Interagency Coordinator, and Social Worker·Capital Area Intermediate Unit

Beth-Ann McConnell, Wife, Mom, Social Worker, and Advocate Beth-Ann and her husband, Todd, are the parents of two children. They adopted their oldest son, now 26 years old, and gave birth to their youngest son in 2004. Beth-Ann is a Capital Area Intermediate Unit, School Interagency Coordinator, and Social Worker who has worked as a foster care caseworker, hospital social worker, social service worker for adults, and therapeutic staff support.

Beth-Ann is a current Board Member of CPARC (Arc of Cumberland and Perry Counties), a committee member of their Education and Community Advocacy Committee, and a family member representative for the State Leadership and Management Team. Her history of human services work has been an asset for her family but also a source of frustration. As a social worker, she knew what resources could be beneficial but found that those resources and support for her son were often limited and challenged at the time of the adoption and years after. Searching for the right or best support was a drive that led her to become a Family Member of the State Leadership Management Team.

The history that Beth-Ann and her family have with different child-serving systems has given her the ability to voice what changes may benefit children who have been adopted or families in need of extra system support. The State Leadership and Management Team membership allows Beth-Ann to help effect change on the state level. It allows Beth-Ann to take everything she has learned and experienced personally and professionally and make a difference for children and their families who are going through a similar journey.

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Beth-Ann created a Padlet of information of Back to School resources for the area of Pennsylvania where she works, state-wide resources, and more. Check it out and share! Beth-Ann also created some great checklists organized by age / grade level.