Are you a parent or guardian of a child who has been involved with the behavioral health system?

Would you be willing to talk with a family member that shares your experience?

Do you want to know more about Family-Led Interviews?

Please contact: Joanne Cashman Or Crystal Karenchak

Why Family-Led Interviews?

Across the state of Pennsylvania (PA) family leaders have joined together in a Community of Practice (CoP) to strengthen the voice of families involved in services developed to meet the needs of their children. These family leaders advocate by collaborating with PA Care Partnership to - ensure family voices are inserted into all conversations with systems leaders.

Typically, families are interviewed to assess their satisfaction with services provided for their children. This information helps systems assess - the success and failures of their programs, including if they are meeting family’s needs and identifying areas of improvement.

The Family CoP believes that families interviewing families with past or current involvement in children's services can enhance current information and provide a more comprehensive view of supports essential for children to address current and future challenges. This information can help systems be more responsive to the range of issues that impact families of children receiving behavioral services.

Family Led Interview Flyer