Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership Training

"Change the conversation, change the relationships, change the culture, change the systems, create durable sustainable systems of care."

The PA Care Partnership and the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services is partnering with the Coach Approach Partners to provide leadership training to state agencies, county agencies, providers, youth and family throughout Pennyslvania. 

Who is this Training For: Leaders, administrators, supervisors, managers, and program staff, who are intersted in learning about the leadership coaching mindset and skillset.

What is Coaching:

Creating a mindset and skill set to apply broadly to the work we do.

  • Modeling as leaders and program administrators
  • Engaging each other
  • Investing in developing others
  • Making our agency more effective.

Coaching is Mindset:

  • The leader/coach is not the expert, or the judge, but creates a partnership for learning and change.
  • We bring and model deep respect for each individual’s own learning and development.
  • Our intention is to strengthen the team member to support his/hersuccess.
  • We assume the person has good ideas and that when we ask powerful questions from curiosity those ideas can come out

Coaching Model

Coaching Model







For informaiton on the trainers follow this link: