The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership Training 


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A Skill-Based Leadership Workshop to Support Internal and Cross-System Collaboration within Systems of Care.

"Change conversations, change relationships, change cultures, and change systems to create enduring, sustainable systems of care."

The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership was developed to support health and human services organizations in building coaching skills as core skills for adaptive leadership. This connects coaching as a daily approach for how to respond to life's complexity in times of constant uncertainty.

The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership is a Skill-Based Leadership Workshop to Support Internal and Cross-System Collaboration within Systems of Care Leadership. Coaching is a powerful tool for improving leadership, supervision, and practice in human services. This training introduces youth and families, leaders, administrators, supervisors, managers, and program staff to the leadership coaching mindset and skillset.

The PA Care Partnership, a statewide System of Care Grant, with the support of the PA Department of Human Services and Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) began the journey into individual leadership in 2017. Through the inspiration of Shannon Fagan, Director of the OMHSAS Bureau of Children's Services (until May 2019), we began to train youth, family, and system partners in leadership through Adaptive Leadership for System Change, provided by Ellen Kagen.  This two-day training was well received, and the individuals wanted to learn more, including how to implement change and empower those around us.  Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership was brought into PA in 2018, through the Coach Approach Partners, and provided by Beth Greenland and Ellen Kagen.  The coaching journey began from here.  As a result of this training, we dedicated time and resources to training eight trainers in the Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership. 

We thank these partners for allowing us to provide the Coach Approach, and they continue to use and support the Coach Approach.

The PA Care Partnership offers continued learning opportunities through Coach Approach Webinars for individuals who completed the Coach Approach.  View past webinars.

We also offer learning circles for individuals who have attended and completed the Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership to continue to work on their coaching skills.

The Coach Approach and System of Care

Learn More about the Coach Approach and its relation to the System of Care. 

Why use the Coach Approach?

Coaching can focus on specific skills and abilities to reach targeted outcomes, enhance performance, and develop more profound levels of critical thinking. Coaching has the potential to be utilized in all types of work situations and at all levels of the organization system. The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership curriculum was designed to orient participants to a coaching model, provide opportunities to practice coaching, and to customize the coaching application to the unique needs of each organization, targeting various levels within the organization.

Who is the Coach Approach for?

  • Youth, Family, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Human Services, Behavioral Health, Providers, Community Partners, and anyone else who is interested.

The Coach Approach is:

Creating a mindset and skillset to apply broadly to the work we do.

  • Modeling as leaders and program administrators
  • Engaging each other
  • Investing in developing others
  • Making our agency more effective.

Coach Approach Adjunct Trainers

In May 2020, the eight trainers will complete their initial training, and between May 2020 and September 2021, we will have the opportunity to provide Coach Approach in many of our partner counties.  We need your help to get the word out to your community when we train near you. 

For information on the Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership trainers