"Change conversations, change relationships, change cultures, and change systems to create enduring, sustainable systems of care."

The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership was developed to support health and human services professionals, and organizations to provide effective leadership to improve services and systems for youth with mental health challenges and their families.

Participants are taught coaching skills that serve as the foundation for adaptive leadership. These competencies allow you to take a thoughtful and flexible approach to challenging problems; allowing you to be a more effective and adaptive leader, hands down, no questions. This training connects coaching as a daily approach for how to respond to complexity in times of constant uncertainty.

The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership is a Skill-Based Leadership Model to support internal and cross-system collaboration. Coaching is a powerful tool to improve leadership, supervision, and practice in human services. This training introduces youth and family leaders, administrators, supervisors, managers, and program staff to the leadership coaching mindset and skillset.

The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership curriculum was designed to provide participants with a coaching model and create opportunities to practice coaching strategies. This approach is customized to the unique needs of each person and organization and can be applied to all levels within an organization – from front-line workers to senior leaders.

In the “System of Care” framework, state, county, and local agencies promote equality and trust and encourage collaboration with youth, families, and community agencies to address the multiple needs of children and families involved in behavioral health and other service systems. Central to the effort is a shared set of values which state that services and systems should be: youth and family-driven; community-based; culturally and linguistically competent; strength-based and individualized; integrated across systems; connected to natural helping networks; evidence-based and data-driven; and quality and outcomes-oriented. The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership aligns with System of Care values as follows:

The Coach Approach and System of Care Aligned Goals:

  • Strengthen services provided to children and youth with mental health challenges and their families.
  • Improve cross-system communication and collaboration.
  • Support health and human services organizations, family, and youth organizations build coaching skills as core competencies for leaders.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to solve problems and improve systems.

Coach Approach Mindset:

  • The leader/coach is not the expert or the judge; rather, they create a partnership for learning and change.
  • Our trainers model deep respect for each individual’s own learning and development.
  • Our intention is to strengthen the team member and support his/her/their success.
  • We ask powerful questions to help system, family, and youth leaders think through ideas and develop creative solutions from everyday to complex problems.