State Leadership and Management Team


The Pennsylvania Care Partnership

 The Pennsylvania Safe Schools / Healthy Student Partnership and

The Pennsylvania Healthy Transitions Partnership


The purpose of the State Leadership and Management Team will be to provide direction and leadership to the Pennsylvania Care Partnership, the Pennsylvania Safe Schools – Healthy Students Partnership and the Pennsylvania Healthy Transitions Partnership by overseeing policy development, planning, financing, and monitoring.  The State Leadership and Management Team also works closely with the Youth and Family Training Institute Advisory Board and the Community of Practice on School-Based Behavioral Health to assure coordination between policy development and program implementation across these initiatives. 

The State Leadership and Management Team is comprised of youth/young adults, families, and system partners.  These partners consist of youth/young adults, ages 16-28, with behavioral health issues that are or have been involved with child welfare, juvenile justice, drug/alcohol, delinquent and dependent courts, and/or education systems.  Family partners who are or have raised a child or children with behavioral health issues that have also been involved with child welfare, juvenile justice and /or education system. The remaining partners consist of system leaders from the behavioral health, child welfare, juvenile justice, drug & alcohol, education, juvenile courts, county administration, and early childhood.

Representation from child-serving systems on the State Leadership and Management Team  include:

State Leadership & Management Team members:

Name             Organizational Affiliation/ Role

  • Andrea Algatt - System Partner – Program Specialist Supervisor, Office of Child Development and Early Learning
  • Ashely Bishop - Youth Partner
  • Maureen A Cleaver - Director of Division of Evaluation and Contract Compliance with the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs
  • Shannon Fagan -Tri-Chair, Director of the Bureau of Children's Behavioral Health Services, Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
  • Keith Graybill System Partner - Consultant, Juvenile Court Judges Commission
  • Zachary Karenchack - Youth Partner
  • Lisa Kennedy - Family Partner
  • Andy Kind-Rubin- Family Partner
  • Carol Kuntz- Advisor to the Deputy Secretary, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Corey Ludden - Youth Organization- Youth M.O.V.E. PA
  • Alexa Melendez -  Youth Partner
  • Beth-Ann McConnell - Family Partner
  • Donna Mick - System Partner, Program Specialist, Office of Children, Youth and Families
  • Ariel Mickey - Youth Partner-Tri-Chair
  • Sandra Moore -  System Partner, Administrator, Office of Children and Families in the Courts
  • Deb Neifert - Deputy Director, PA County Commissioners Association
  • Valarie Oulds -  Family Partner
  • Jim Palmiero -  Director, PA Training & Technical Assistance Network (PATTAN ), Bureau of Special Education
  • Sherry Peters -Director of Bureau of Policy and Program Development, Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
  • Karan Steele - Family Partner Tri-Chair
  • Nina Wall - Bureau of Autism
  • Kaitlyn Arrow - Youth Partner

Our goal is to assure that the State Leadership and Management Team reflects the diversity of Pennsylvania.  We are seeking members of different ages, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background and geographic location among other qualifications. It is important that we select members who represent the diversity of Pennsylvania as well as those who have a significant and extensive understanding of the behavioral health system, the educational system, drug/alcohol system, the child welfare system and/or juvenile justice system.

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