State Leadership and Management Team
The Pennsylvania Care Partnership
The Pennsylvania Healthy Transitions Partnership

The State Leadership and Management Team (SLMT) builds on the National System of Care philosophy to promote equality and trust among youth, caregivers, children, young adult serving systems, and provider partners based on the individual community’s strengths and culture. The State Leadership and Management Team also works closely with the Youth and Family Training Institute Advisory Board and the Community of Practice on School-Based Behavioral Health to ensure coordination between policy development and program implementation across these initiatives. The goal of the State Leadership and Management Team, using System of Care philosophy, is to enhance and strengthen the way that youth, families, government, and communities interact with each other so that:

  • Youth, young adults, and families are central to the design, implementation, and operation of services and support at the state and local levels.
  • Youth, young adults, and family supports and/or organizations support individual youth and families and participate fully in policy and funding decisions.
  • All child and young adult serving system partners collaborate, share resources, and coordinate with one another and with youth and families.
  • There is support for the collaboration and sharing of resources and ideas among a variety of grants through the State Leadership and Management Team and the Grant Directors Community of Practice. 
  • Support grants to effectively work with their identified populations:
    • The PA Care Partnership aims to improve behavioral health outcomes for children and youth (birth-21) with serious emotional disturbances, and their families. (SLMT Oversight)
    • The Youth Suicide Prevention in Schools and Colleges year grant focuses on implementing suicide prevention (awareness and training) and early intervention (screening and treatment) strategies for youth ages 10-24 across Pennsylvania. (SLMT Partner)
    • The Community Mental Health Services Block Grant goal is to fund First Episode Psychosis Programs across the state to support Supportive Housing, Services to Older Adults, Peer Support Services, Olmstead Planning, Reduction of Residential Treatment Facility Usage, Youth and Family Involvement, Prevention of Early Childhood Mental Health Services, and Suicide Prevention. (SLMT Partner)

The State Leadership and Management Team comprises youth/young adults, families, and system partners.  These partners consist of youth/young adults, ages 16-28, with behavioral health issues that are or have been involved with child welfare, juvenile justice, drug/alcohol, delinquent and dependent courts, and/or education systems.  Family partners who are now, or have raised, a child or children with behavioral health issues that have also been involved with child welfare, juvenile justice and/or the education system. The remaining partners consist of system leaders from behavioral health, child welfare, juvenile justice, drug and alcohol, education, juvenile courts, county administration, and early childhood.

Seeking Youth and Family Partners 

Our goal is to ensure that the State Leadership and Management Team reflects the diversity of Pennsylvania. We are seeking members of different ages, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, and geographic location among other qualifications. We must select members who represent the diversity of Pennsylvania as well as those who have a significant and extensive understanding of the behavioral health system, the educational system, the drug/alcohol system, the child welfare system and/or juvenile justice system.

Are you interested in applying to join the State Leadership and Management Team? Please request more information using the Contact Us form and download the application.

To apply to be part of the State Leadership and Management Team email the PA Care Partnership to learn more at