The PA Care Partnership's goal is to share relevant and important training opportunities related to county staff, county engagement, and system partner training.  System partners include but are not limited to Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Education, County Administration, Early Intervention, Special Education, the Courts, and Autism just to name a few.  We know there are many training opportunities around the state, and our intention to share important training and technical assistance opportunities provided for system partners by the PA Care Partnership and other training entities.  

TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE TRAINING (Updated 3/14/19- New training requests are not being accepted at this time.  We will update when new training requests will be accepted)

Lakeside Global Institute has been providing professional development training for over 13 years.  Our 33 courses for professionals serving children and families address a variety of difficult issues.  Our training process has been uniquely designed to provide well-researched knowledge, hands-on skill-building, and emotional/relational support.  For more information on Lakeside Global Institute click here:




The PA Care Partnership is excited to release the 2018-2019 County Collaborative Schedule for counties engaged in the Expansion and Sustainability Cooperative Agreement.  These hour-long webinars will be held on the 4th Tuesday of the month (Excluding Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) at 2:30 pm. 

County Collaborative Call on the Erie County System of Care Grant

Presented by: Nicole Wells, MS – System of Care Erie, Project Director, Achievement Center
Hosted by: The PA Care Partnership
Date: September 24, 2019
Time: 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Collaborative Description

Erie County partnered with Luzerne County in the grant application, execution of objectives to meet the said goals varies from county to county. System of Care (SOC) Erie works to partner with local providers, agencies, schools, faith-based organizations, and community members to create a child and family-serving system that encourages youth and family participation and improves behavioral/ mental health outcomes. While the grant assesses strengths and challenges of services for children ages birth to 21, SOC Erie has chosen transition-aged youth as the primary target population. These are youth ages 14-26 years who have, or who are at risk for, mental health challenges or other system involvement.

The 60-minute presentation will review the challenges and successes of our efforts specific to creating trauma-informed systems and youth and family engagement. The following objectives will be met:

  • Explore how a community formed a coalition to address the diverse needs of populations served through trauma awareness and trauma-informed systems
  • Learn ways to overcome barriers to implementing System of Care principles and values to increase youth and family engagement
  • Explore how partnerships with the faith community have to change the way system providers view aging out foster care youth
  • Listen to continuous efforts to educate and partner with schools to address mental health issues and needs

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Open Table’s faith-based model draws together the community and relationship life of congregations around the country. It provides technical support, training, structure, process.
Each Table is composed of a group of volunteers that make a year-long commitment to act–through relationship—as a team of life specialists, encouragers, and advocates. Over the course of a year, the Table works together to set goals, foster accountability, and implement a plan to create change.  

For more information on this transformative process click here:

The PA Care Partnership has developed a contract with the Open Table to come into your community. Space is limited for funding. For more information, email