The PA Parent and Family Alliance is a state-wide organization sponsored in part by the PA Care Partnership.

The PA Parent and Family Alliance was initiated when families of children with social, emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges began to unite in their local communities to support one another in their efforts to access services. Some of the families banded together to form their own family-run organizations, some worked alone, and some joined existing agencies and organizations where they were able to share the strength and wisdom that only comes from experience. They had hopes that all families would be valued and embraced as the experts that they indeed were in knowing and understanding the needs of their loved ones. These hardworking, active, and loving caregivers led the way for what is now the vision of PA Parent and Family Alliance.

The PA Parent and Family Alliance offer a vast array of supports, training, and information for families throughout Pennsylvania.  

Please visit the PA Parent and Family Alliance for more information.  

Are you a family member in need of support? 

The Pa Parent and Family Alliance have Virtual Family Support Partners.

Family Support Partners (FSP's) deliver peer to peer support to families caring for children, youth and young adults (up to age 26) with identified or suspected social, emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges (including learning and attention issues and substance use disorders). FSP's are parents who have raised or are raising a child with challenges similar to the ones your family may be dealing with. Family Support Partners walk with you on your journey until you are ready to walk on your own.

PA Parent and Family Alliance Learning Labs

Learning Labs are a great resource for information on diagnosis, webinars, education, LGBTQIA+, Leadership, and much more.