System of Care Subcommittees

The PA Care Partnership has three Subcommittees composed of youth partners, family partners and system partners representing SOC Counties.  Members of the State Leadership & Management Team (SLMT) and Youth & Family Training Institute (YFTI) Advisory board also serve on the subcommittees with oversight by the SLMT. Each subcommittee has a target size of twelve members with equal representation from youth, family and system partners. SOC County Leadership Team members are encouraged to contact the subcommittee leads if they are interested in current opportunities to join these subcommittees.

Evaluation Subcommittee-click here to go to the Evaluation page

Lead: Monica Walker Payne 

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Staff: William McKenna, Jill Santiago, Mark Durgin

Cultural & Linguistic Competency Subcommittee - click here to go to the CLC page

Lead: Kelsey Leonard

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Social Marketing Subcommittee

Lead: Mark Durgin