This subcommittee will advise the Cultural and Linguistic Competence (CLC) Coordinator on the CLC standard as it relates to the PA System of Care. This will include discussion and recommendations regarding various tools, communication, and strategies to address CLC and Cultural and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) at both the county and state level.  Consideration of current personal or professional experiences in working toward this CLC standard.

Ideally, this work will result in the development of clear training, technical assistance, and CLC/CLAS plans to enhance CLC programming in PA, such as:

  • County CLC/CLAS assessments
  • Training development on CLC/CLAS standards for county leadership teams, youth, family, and system partners
  • Support, advise, and provide recommendations for best practices on CLC/CLAS policy and practices within counties, Youth and Family Services and Supports Planning Process Models, and cross-systems integration

Recommendations from this subcommittee will be brought to the PA System of Care State Leadership and Management Team by the CLC Coordinator and/or Subcommittee Tri-chairs for discussion, input, and action as needed.

The CLC Subcommittee has two outlined working goals:

  1. To assist in the development and implementation of CLC activities around the overall System of Care and Healthy Transitions effort across PA.
  2. To assist in the development and implementation of policies and procedures regarding CLC and National CLAS standards to various stakeholders across PA.

More information about the function, priorities, and strategies of the Subcommittee can be found in the CLC Subcommittee Charter.  

Subcommittee Minutes 

November 2019 Subcommittee Meeting Webinar 

November Subcommittee PowerPoint (PDF) 

March 2019 Subcommittee Meeting Webinar 

February 2017 

Archived Meeting Minutes of 2016
Archived Meeting Minutes of 2015
Archived Meeting Minutes of 2014

Membership of the Subcommittee will strive for equitable representation from youth, family, and system partners. A current list of members can be found here.

The Subcommittee meets monthly via conference calls or GoTo meetings. For information about joining the CLC Subcommittee, 

contact Kelsey Leonard at