(Left to Right) Wendi, Michele, Rachel, Stephen, Ashley, Will, AnnaMaria, Monica, Sam, Eileen
Not Pictured: Ed, Chad

Each member of the Evaluation Team plays an intricate role in ensuring high quality data collection, entry, analysis, and a successful continuous quality improvement process across the current Cooperative Aggreements. Headquartered in Monroeville, PA, the Evaluation Team is the hub of collected data for the Pennsylvania System of Care Partnership, the Youth and Family Training Institute, and the Pennsylvania Healthy Transitions Partnership.

Meet Our Team!
Monica Walker Payne, Evaluation Director
William McKenna, Database Manager
Samantha Pulleo, Project Analyst
AnnaMaria Segreti, Research Project Coordinator
Eileen Domin, Administrative Coordinator
Ashley Baker, Assistant Research Coordinator
Stephen Terhorst, Systems Analyst
Chad Jacob, Research Associate
Wendi Buzzanco, Interviewer
Ed McKenna, Interviewer
Michele Penner, Interviewer