Virtual Training Opportunity

The Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership

A Skill-Based Leadership Workshop to Support Internal and Cross-System Collaboration within Systems of Care.

"Change conversations, change relationships, change cultures, and change systems to create enduring, sustainable systems of care."

Leadership coaching is a powerful tool for improving leadership, supervision, and practice in children’s services. This coaching training; introduces attendees to the leadership coaching mindset and skillset. This training provides skill-based practice so that participants experience leadership coaching while being coached on real issues to enhance leadership and workforce effectiveness. 

In addition to good management skills; this course will focus on the adaptive leadership skills of aligning actions to values and will build the critical thinking skills needed to support change and innovation in systems of care.

What you will gain personally and professionally by attending this training:

  • The importance of being present even in the midst of chaos and conflict
  • Understand engaged listening and how to  become an engaged listener
  • Asking questions that unlock deeper responses to leadership challenges
  • Learn new ways to engage others
  • Apply and practice skills to empower those around you
  • Why modeling Coach Approach skills in daily interactions creates ongoing opportunities for internal and cross-system collaboration.

Training Sessions Offered:

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