Is There Justice in our Juvenile Justice System?

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Antoine Howlett, an inspirational speaker for youth whose mission is to show others how to turn life's obstacles into opportunities, will speak to us about his journey.

Often, youth are seen as troublemakers instead of kids in need of support and help. He will talk to us about how kids find themselves in the juvenile justice system, who need direction in the best ways to be better, and why releasing youth from juvenile justice facilities back into the communities that put them there in the first place is not working.

Jamal Ford will share with us some ideas from his experience working with kids in juvenile justice and how we might be able to help. Antoine will talk to us about his lived experience with juvenile justice and why he is an example of how youth can get out and do well.


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Antoine Howlett is an inspirational speaker for youth, a first-generation entrepreneur, and an author whose mission is to show others how to turn life's obstacles into opportunities. His journey connects with at-risk youth on a deep level like no other.

As a young boy raised in Queens, New York City, by a single hard-working mother, at a young age, he looked towards the streets of the city for guidance into what he thought was becoming a man. Unfortunately, that environment, including the lack of direction and resources, led him to follow the wrong peers and ultimately lose his sense of self-worth.

Antoine was left behind in the 3rd grade, selling drugs at 12 and charged with a felony at 25. But, even with all of the odds against him, his life completely changed after he decided to find positive mentors who helped him shape a new reality in his life. His hunger for a better life drove him to choose to change ever since.

Individuals have patterns and behaviors that keep them from reaching their highest potential. Antoine Howlett provides expert advice and impactful motivation to our youth to start a new journey toward achieving and exceeding their goals. As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, Antoine Howlett aims to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment to diverse audiences. He strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a significant emphasis on delivering actionable content.

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