Human Trafficking: It Could Be Happening In Your Backyard

Thursday, March 14, 2024

The goal of this training is to leave participants with a better understanding of human trafficking in all of its forms. We will discuss the multiple forms of trafficking and the mark it leaves on the victims. Participants will learn how trafficking occurs, where trafficking occurs, and who is most at risk. By the end of the training, participants will be able to recognize the signs of trafficking and know how to help in their community.

We will also provide support for all counties in Pennsylvania.

Victims' Intervention Program (VIP) of Wayne and Pike Counties will provide the webinar.

Victims’ Intervention Program provides vital supportive services for survivors of crime and abuse, including domestic violence and human trafficking. Their mission is simple, Educate-Empower-Envision.

They educate the community on the issues of domestic and sexual violence - they empower victims and survivors to make the best choices for their individual situations. They invite the community to envision a world free from violence.

Resources Related to Human Trafficking Provided by Victims' Intervention Program (VIP) 





Chelsea Falotico, Community Outreach Manager for the Victims' Intervention Program, will be our presenter. Chelsea has been in victim services for nearly ten years. Starting as a Case Manager at a domestic violence shelter in New Jersey, she quickly realized that this was more than just “work” for her. It became her passion. Now, as the Community Outreach Manager of VIP, she takes pride in educating the community about the complex issues survivors of crime and abuse must face every day.

We know the topic triggers so many of us, and we will provide a representative from the Victims' Intervention Program to support on the spot and answer questions as they occur.

Everyone will leave with resources that can be used to educate others and provide resources for support available at the national and state levels and directions on finding resources and support at the county level.



Ericka Thaxton, Medical Advocate
With a long history of working in both victim services and healthcare, Ericka has been able to see
firsthand what patients and medical providers experience when dealing with violent interpersonal
crime. She began her time with VIP in 2016 as a volunteer taking crisis calls after hours.

Ericka now serves as the Medical Advocate; she is dedicated to bridging the gap between victim services and healthcare providers throughout all of Wayne and Pike Counties by adopting a trauma-informed culture and providing much-needed education on domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking issues.