Racial Healing with Mindfulness: A Different Approach to Implicit Bias Training: A Two-Part Training

In this two-part training, we go beyond traditional approaches, focusing on mindfulness, community building, and self-reflection to address implicit biases in a workplace, healthcare, or human service setting. In part one, participants will gain a foundational understanding of implicit bias, explore how it affects us all, and engage in grounding activities to foster awareness.

We know these conversations often lead to triggering in ways in which we are often unaware. These conversations can also evoke discomfort and concern without someone to discuss our emotions. We have offered this workshop as a two-part experience, so all have time to process before we continue the conversation.

In part two, we delve deeper, providing space for reflection, brave conversations, and the development of practical tools to navigate strong emotions and heal from them. This workshop is designed for people of color and allies, recognizing the importance of acknowledging and honoring intersecting identities. We aim to empower participants to challenge biases, embrace diversity, and contribute to more inclusive and vibrant communities by fostering compassion and understanding.

Resources:  Articles recommended by Dr. Castillo

Webinar recording Part One


Webinar Recording - Part Two



photo of Esther CastilloEsther Hio-Tong Castillo, PhD is a mental health and social justice advocate with nearly two decades of experience in education, counseling, and community advocacy. As the founder of the Chinese Immigrant Families Wellness Initiative (CIFWI) at the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation, she has been dedicated to breaking barriers to mental wellness in Asian immigrant communities.

In addition to her community work, Dr. Castillo brings over a decade of experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) matters at various levels of government, philanthropy, and non-profits. With a Ph.D. in Sociology, she specializes in survey development and conducts nuanced qualitative and quantitative analyses. Her true strength lies in driving impactful systemic change through narrative change efforts and community engagement strategies, particularly excelling in engaging diverse communities, including immigrants and BIPOC.

As the CEO of Bridging Worlds Consulting, Dr. Castillo leads a consulting firm dedicated to providing customized DEI training and services for nonprofits, public institutions, and philanthropies.