Coach Approach Training Materials, Supplies and A-V Checklist

Day One 8:30-4:00 pm

Day Two 8:30-4:00 pm

Break for lunch each day

County or  Agency to Provide

Set up of the room

  • Be strategic in how you seat people. Do you want people to get to know each other cross-agency? Do you want people to be seated with people from the same agency? 
  • Chairs should be movable as the participants will be in multiple different pairs each day. 

A-V Needs

  • PowerPoint Set up
  • Including projector, cords and laptop computer 
  • Speaker system – there are videos which need to be heard
  • Clicker
  • Leveler mic’s (if needed if there are individuals with hearing impairment –optional)

Other supplies

  • Easel (2)
  • Sticky Flip Charts (2)
  • Notepads (optional)
  • Tape or pins to attach posters on the walls

Participants and Table Needs

  • Individual Name tags (Big First Name) 
  • Individual Name Tents (Big Name and Agency)
  • Multi-Colored Markers for trainers and 
  • One (1) Table in the Front of Room for materials 
  • 2 chairs near the table for the speakers
  • One small table for trainers notes – centered in the front of the room

Snacks and Meals

  • Suggest if you are able - Provide Coffee in Morning and Afternoon
  • Provide time for lunch each day for 45 minutes
  • If possible provide lunch, have the ability for trainees to have lunch nearby, or have trainees prepay for meals.  

Materials (binder, spiral, stapled, folder)-For Training where the county or agency will be printing and providing material.

  • The site to Print training material in color and double-sided. 
  • A PDF File will be sent to the contact at least 10 business days before the training for color printing. 
  • A file with Training Evaluation Identification Numbers will be provided by trainer 10 days prior to the training.
  • Print two copies of the numbers are to be printed. 
  • Attach the Training Evaluation Identification Number sticker to each on page 1(upper Right) and page 6 (Lower Middle) 
  • Identify someone who will be responsible for holding the master list: Name and email address for each folder so that it can be identified in the future if needed. 
    • Print one copy of the Local Identification Number Contact Person 
  • Attach Local Identification Number Contact Person sticker on Page 6 (Middle Section)

Evaluation Documents

  • Evaluation Documents will be provided.
    • Pre Assessment - Demographics and Skills Assessment
    • Post Assessment -  Training Evaluation Skills Assessment and Reflection 

Day 1 Training Registration 

  • Trainee is provided a folder with a number and  a set of evaluation forms with their identification number (Determine if the Evaluation forms are pre-numbered or if each person must enter their unique ID on each form)
  • 351 (evaluation people identifies the project) 0 _ _ (Cohort Number), _ _ _ is the individual person

Provided by Trainers

  • Wristbands
  • Posters
  • Bells/Chimes