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Enhancing Trauma Awareness (15-hour course): First in a series of trauma courses

Providing a rich and sophisticated exploration of the subject of trauma with an emphasis on encouraging professionals to become highly sensitive regarding the nature of trauma is foun­dational to becoming trauma-informed. Professionals will gain heightened awareness and respect with regard to trauma-related behaviors and the consequences of being impacted by trauma that can extend into relationships, systems, and across generations.

Deepening Trauma Awareness (30-hour course): Second in a series of trauma courses

This course, for which Enhancing Trauma Awareness is a prerequisite, invites professionals on a journey to become trauma-sensitive while increasing awareness of the connections and impact trauma can have with regard to a myriad of related dynamics. Recognizing the impact of information, concepts, approaches, principles, and skills related to attachment, fear, grief, shame, recovery, and healing, professionals examine and interpret these topics as related to persons impacted by trauma.

Prerequisites: Enhancing Trauma Awareness

Applying Trauma Principles (30-hour course): Third in a series of trauma courses

This course, for which both Enhancing Trauma Awareness and Deepening Trauma Aware­ness are prerequisites, continues adding to professionals’ knowledge and skills base. Pro­fessionals are provided opportunities to apply the research and principles of trauma to real-life situations as they share their own case studies with colleagues, emphasizing ways they are applying information, concepts, approaches, principles, and skills provided in this and prerequisite courses. Groups then discuss and process the assessments, choices, and ways of applying principles each professional shares, further advancing awareness, sensitiv­ity, and abilities to intentionally apply trauma principles in real-life situations.

Prerequisites: Enhancing Trauma Awareness and Deeping Trauma Awareness

Successful completion of all three trauma courses and fulfillment of additional requirements can lead to certification as a Trauma-Competent Professional.

Train the Trainers (25-hour course)

Participants who meet course requirements would be certified by Lakeside Global Insti­tute as Adjunct Trainers with authorization to license and present Lakeside Global Institute workshops. Adjunct Trainers are also equipped to facilitate small group discussions. LGI’s Train the Trainers course applies the same approaches and techniques provided in the course content. Participants can expect LGI trainers to maintain a high level of integrity with regard to processes of group leadership, management, and facilitation.

Prerequisites: Trauma 101 and Enhancing Trauma Awareness.