Jarred Vermillion

Heroes: Engaging Youth and Families Through Pop Culture

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
2 pm to 4 pm EST

Jarred Vermillion has been working with families and communities for 14 years. In his 2018 TEDx talk, Jarred tells his story of surviving trauma while navigating across systems of care as a consumer youth and his journey of receiving his bachelor's in Psychology from SDSU. Using his education and transformational experiences, he strives to increase staff and the system's ability to engage and empower Families. Jarred was a consultant/instructor at Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice at UC Davis for almost a decade. Agencies from across Californian, including the CA Department of Social Services and San Diego Children's Systems of Care, have recognized Jarred's dedication with awards for his commitment and leadership in supporting youth, families, and their systems of care. Recently, he and a tribe of heroes have rebirthed his consulting agency VLCC to the Heroes Initiative with a mission of "Bettering our Systems of Care Together." The heroes.team has been creating innovative educational partnerships to support and improve Wraparound implementations across the US and Surrey, Canada! Coaching, training, and inspiring Wraparound implementation processes serve youth, adults, families, and wicked complex circumstances across our communities. In his spare (wink wink) time, he is also a faculty master trainer with the National Center for Excellence and Innovation, where he helps train, coach, and certify Wraparound across the world. Jarred brings more than passion and excitement to the table; he brings experience, knowledge, and real-life examples to his work.

Do you struggle to engage particular youth or family members? If so, here is a question to consider. What does Megan Trainor, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Post Malone, Blink 182, Madden NFL, Gucci, Prada, Jersey Shore, The Voice, MMA Fighting, Taylor Swift, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have in common? Answer: Influence over youth and families. This workshop will focus on using common threads in culture, identity, and individual strengths to engage youth on new levels and breakthrough to less engaged family members. Facilitators of this workshop will educate participants about what is important to youth and share how they can use pop culture components - music, dance, sports, fashion, and social media – to connect better.

This workshop brings creativity and innovation into the teaming process. Skills and information are delivered interactively so audience members can participate and learn hands-on how to apply these concepts in their respective lives and work.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the importance of knowing what’s influencing youth and families and how to use this to your advantage with engagement.
  • Learn to enhance your ability to engage youth and families, especially in awkward situations, using pop culture.
  • Learn to identify and engage youth and family strengths and build them into an individualized wraparound or teaming process.
  • Advanced your ability to talk about hot topics and use context relevant to youth, and build relationships.

PowerPoint Presentation:  Engaging Youth and Family Through Pop Culture


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