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The Collaborative Initiative on FASD (CIFASD) is a global consortium of 22 research sites conducting basic, behavioral, and clinical research to better inform approaches aimed at developing effective intervention and treatment for FASD.
CIFASD invites people of all ages, with or without a diagnosis, to take part in new and ongoing FASD studies. If you or your child has been diagnosed with an FASD, or you suspect that you or your child may have an FASD, CIFASD invites you to apply. Volunteers may be of any age, however, the person completing the registration must be 18 years of age or older.


 The DiG FASD Study is Enrolling Adults and Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure WEBSITE

Everyone with FASD has a different experience and we think genetics might play a role in these differences. Each gene has a small effect, so we need YOU to help us! By understanding how genes make FASD different, we can use that information to help improve treatments and interventions. Your time is valuable. We will send you a $50 gift card for completing the study.