Resources for families, community, educators, care providers, and juvenile justice around Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

National Resources:

Statewide Services:

Addressing Sensory Issues:

  • 14 Fall Sensory Activities For Your Child. Fall sensory activities to do with your child. Learn about sensory activities with the leaves including raking leaves, jumping in the pile, playing hide and seek, and making a leaf race.
  • Easy Sensory Bags. Inexpensive craft for your toddler to learn sensory skills.
  • Exercise Ball for Sensory Input. Six ways to use an exercise ball for sensory input.
  • Know FASD. This site introduces the neurobehavioral difficulties that may appear throughout the lifespan of individuals with FASD. It is important to recognize that, being a spectrum disorder, FASD can look different for different individuals. The problems presented on this site are not necessarily gender specific.
  • Parent’s Guide to DIY Therapy Equipment. Create your own therapy equipment.
  • Sensory Activities for Toddlers. Eleven sensory activities for one-year-olds.
  • Soft Taco Swing. It helps to promote the vestibular system by providing uniform pressure around the entire body. The pressure will actually help calm an over-stimulated child, help with self-regulation or help keep the child in a neutral state.