Lisa Kennedy

The Pandemic, Racial Disparity, Awareness, and UnderstandingFireside Chat

Thursday, April 28, 2022, 2:30 to 4 pm


We are creating a safe place for us to talk, share our experiences, hear others, and ask questions.

Join us for an in-depth and critical conversation to begin to unpack how race affects outcomes for families. We will also, through discussion, potentially challenge current norms and reflect on our need to be more thoughtful and inclusive. Learn the distinct ways diversity, equity, and inclusion are uniquely different but necessary to increasing intentional engagement. This session will allow participants to go on a personal reflective journey while gaining unique tools to serve ALL families more effectively.

We will:

  • Discuss the impact of Covid-19 on families as it relates to race
  • Define some critical terms for foundational purposes of the conversation
  • Learn the essential differences between equality and equity
  • Engage and potentially challenge core beliefs about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Expand thoughts and critically consider the impacts of race in many facets of daily living


  • Have you struggled to identify the difference between equality and equity? 
  • Are you ever challenged in thinking about how race impacts you in the workplace or personal life?
  • Have you considered how race has played a role during the pandemic for others?
  • Have you built connections with others who walk through life with different experiences than yourself? 

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Slide Deck

Lisa also provided her slides

About Lisa Kennedy

Lisa is a Family Peer Support Specialist with the York County Department of Human Services in York,  Pennsylvania. She has been serving families in this role for over three years and remains focused on working with families for over 25 years. Lisa transitioned from the corporate world of hospital administrative management into human services when she became a foster parent many years ago.

Through her time of learning the needs of her children and serving others, Lisa has successfully created several programs to serve families in meaningful ways. The Parent Network Series is a training arm of her FPSS role, which informs families on navigating systems and empowers them with tools to make the best choices for their families. In addition, the state of Black and Brown mental health is fast becoming some of the most rewarding work in intersecting the world of mental health and all systems to focus on the impact of communities of color specifically.

Lisa is a fun-loving yet hardworking and driven person with four adult children and five grandchildren who bring her joy every day. They are part of why she embraces the unique role of FPSS and continues to imagine how the work of systems can continually improve the way we serve others. She firmly lives the words she always shares, and that is the desire to build systems that are welcoming to those we are serving and removing barriers to successful outcomes.