PA Care Partnership Provider Evaluation Training

For counties or providers who are interested in understanding the evaluation process or would like to view the online training, please refer to the New County Evaluation PowerPoint PDF and the Evaluation Training Webinar.

New County Evaluation PowerPoint PDF (3MB)

County Provider Evaluation Reference Forms

Updated information is needed for referrals and evaluations. 

This relates to three areas:

  1. Suicidal Thoughts/Attempts - The Youth and Family Training Institute interviewers will ask the new detailed questions.
  2. Mental Health and Substance Use Related Disorders - It will be required to have three (3) specific ICD-10 code diagnostic information entered.  Sample Diagnostic Code.
  3. Funding for Services - There is now a specific question to enter for each enrollment about how their services are paid.  

Permission to Contact Form

Evaluator Brochures


Commonly Asked for Information

Annual County Assessment

Trauma-Informed Interviewing
Trauma-Informed Interviewing Skills Guide (1MB)
Trauma-Informed Interviewing Tips (960KB)
Trauma-Informed Environmental Scan (forms) (509KB)

Workshop: Connecting the Data Dots from Trauma to Hope
Learning Objectives:
1.  To gain an understanding of trauma prevalence and how trauma can be identified in different kinds of data (from national to local).
2.  To be able to look at data and ask questions to promote critical thinking and planning.
3.  To identify positive outcomes from participating in System of Care services and supports that show hope and resiliency despite evidence of trauma in youth and family histories

Connecting the Data Dots from Trauma to Hope -- PowerPoint
Bullying Data -- Practice Activity
Mental Health, Suicide, and Grief Data -- Practice Activity
Risk and Protective Factors Data -- Practice Activity

Workshop: Data through the Eyes of Youth, Family, and System Partners
Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how to look at data from the perspectives of youth, family, and system/provider partners.
Identify important elements in descriptive, fidelity, process, and/or outcomes data and ask critical questions.
Understand how to spark discussion around data in your county leadership team meetings.

Data through the Eyes of Youth, Family, and System Partners -- PowerPoint
PA County Data Resources
Tip Sheet One: Data 101 -- The Basics
Tip Sheet Two: How to Use Data
Data Practice Activity

Healthy Transitions Partnership Data Reports
Now is the Time: Healthy Transitions Statewide Descriptive Data Report - October 2016

Pennsylvania System of Care Partnership Data Reports and Presentations
System of Care/High Fidelity Wraparound: Descriptive, Fidelity, and Outcomes PA Data Report - September 2016
System of Care Data Brochure - Outcomes and County Assessment Results - June 2016
The Impact of High Fidelity Wraparound on PA Youth and Families (poster) - October 2016