In 2014, at the request of the Pennsylvania System of Care State Leadership and Management Team (SLMT), an annual survey was developed to help counties assess their implementation of the System of Care (SOC) Standards. Each year the survey is reviewed and revised by the SLMT and the Evaluation Subcommittee to ensure it is as useful and respondent-friendly as possible.  

This survey covers all counties to give a general look at the work being done to implement the themes covered by the SOC Standards. Broad language is intentionally used so that it can be distributed to all counties and not just to those who are officially part of the SOC implementation.

All responses are collected anonymously and kept confidential. For a county to receive a report on the data collected at least five responses from the county must be received. Surveys included must have over 50% of the questions answered.

Surveys are distributed in April, with the lead SOC County Contact receiving an analysis of the responses in June. These analyses include an overall county summary, breakdown reports for all partner-types when there are 2 or more responses per partner-type, a report from just the county's Leadership Team members, and the overall state summary to be used for comparison. This data is intended to be used as a technical assistance tool both at the county level and by the PA SOC Partnership staff to offer targeted assistance.

Reports from Previous Years:
Pennsylvania County Assessment Report 2017
Pennsylvania County Assessment Report 2016
Pennsylvania County Assessment (All Other Counties) Report 2015
Pennsylvania County Assessment (System of Care Counties) Report 2015
Pennsylvania County Progress Assessment Report 2014


To view the County Assesment Paper Forms click here.