PA Care Partnership Mental Health Awareness Week Event 2020

On behalf of the PA Care Partnership and Youth MOVE PA, we are excited to inform you of our upcoming plans for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.  

We are going virtual!

Our celebration for the recovery and resiliency of Mental Health will be held during the week of May 18, 2020.  

We are offering various training opportunities related to mental health and System of Care which will be available to the public as well. 

We will be having speakers on mental health including the topics of youth and young adults; parents and families; cultural and linguistic competency; systems of care; and, several related areas of advocacy. We are also working on having several government officials. 

We are also gathering resources that will be useful to all.

All our speakers will be pre-recorded and we will send an email blast as well as post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information and sign up for our mailing list to stay informed on this and other events. 

Green Light Project

The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness about mental health, but more importantly, to spark conversations and fight the stigma surrounding mental health.  This is achieved through social messaging and the use of Green Lights to illuminate advocacy for reducing mental health stigma and improved youth and family-driven care.  

A webinar was held on Friday, January 17, 2020, to introduce this campaign to the Pennsylvania System of Care Grants and partners, hosted by the PA Care Partnership and York County System of Care.  To view the webinar which provided detailed information on how this event rolled out in York County.  You can also view PowerPoint for detailed images and additional information.  

Example Material

Sample York County Green Light Campaign Flyer

Setting up events with local sports stadiums.  York County Held an event at the York Revolution Stadium.  

Invitation for Mental Health Awareness Walk

Light the Way for Mental Health Logos

Marketing Information